St. Patrick’s Day Green Goddess Wedge Salad

A luscious, creamy dressing that’s healthy and perfect for a green-themed menu. By using an avocado, you have a smart substitute for mayonnaise because it provides a nutrient dense, creamy base for the dressing. The herbs pack another nutrient punch as well as help to continue the vibrant green hue. This recipe from Ellie Krieger offers a twist on the classic wedge salad, using nutrient-rich dark romaine lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce. Fresh tarragon brings a lovely anise (slightly licorice flavor) to the dressing. Tarragon has an intense flavor so a little goes a long way. If you’re not a fan of tarragon, substitute another fresh herb like basil, dill, or cilantro. What I love most about making this dressing is that it all goes into a blender for a quick whirl and it’s ready to serve.







Nutrition Note: Avocado’s are high in heart healthy monounsaturated fat. Their rich, creamy texture makes them an excellent substitute for mayonnaise, cream or butter and they also add a silky texture when added to smoothies. For a quick breakfast, toast whole grain bread (I like Ezekiel bread), spread toast with a tablespoon or two of green goddess dressing, top with slices of tomato and a hard boiled egg.

Here’s the recipe for Ellie Krieger’s Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

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