Trying to eat healthier?

I am passionate about food and nutrition but I’m even more passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss and healthy living goals. At my nutrition practice, Athens Nutrition, I provide personal, one-on-one nutrition counseling, cooking lessons, and nutrition workshops for corporate wellness programs.

As a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist, with more than 30 years of experience working, studying, speaking and blogging about human nutrition, I am ethically bound to know and provide the highest quality, evidence-based information on nutrition. No fad diets. No subtle product sales. No protein shakes or supplements. I teach people about real food, from my family’s backyard garden through hands-on cooking demonstrations that make food accessible, easy to prepare and enjoyable.

Because most insurance plans cover 100% of medically-sound nutrition counseling, there’s likely no out of pocket costs to you or an employer.

If you’re interested in leading a healthier lifestyle and based in the Philadelphia area, please visit us at Athens Nutrition or get in touch: