Cook Fast and Eat Light

Founder Athens Nutrition, Registered/Licensed Dietitian, Culinary Nutritionist

We all want to eat well, feel good and stay healthy but our busy schedules, limited time to prepare and cook healthier meals, and confusion about diet and nutrition keep us from making changes. As a culinary nutrition expert, I work with women over 50 who want to improve their health and weight with a food-focused approach. I’ll help you organize a healthier kitchen so you’re stocked with the ingredients you need to cook fast and easy meals. No more stress around menu planning and meal prep and no more throwing away unused food at the end of the week. The recipes we use reflect the eating style of the Mediterranean, one of the healthiest in the world. If you want to shed some weight, lower your cholesterol or manage your blood sugar, I’ll guide you with food that is at the intersection of delicious, fast, and healthy! 

Learn more about my Culinary Nutrition Workshop for Women. 

Athens Nutrition has registered dietitian/nutritionists who can meet with you one on one to help you meet your nutrition goals. Best of all, most insurance plans cover nutrition counseling, there’s likely no out of pocket costs to you.

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