Cooking and Eating on the Amalfi Coast Part 2

When you’re traveling on most highways in the US, eating fresh, healthy food at a highway rest stop is next to impossible. Not so in Italy. Check out these highway treats at a stop just outside of Rome.

Notice the Parma ham on the slicer.

Prosciutto with fresh melon and mozzarella.

Tuna salads with local vegetables

A row of freshly cut fruit (not from a can).

Warm olive bread.

Pasta made fresh while you wait.

Until those greasy burgers, limp salads, soggy fries and sugar bombs disguised as beverages are replaced with freshly made, healthier options, here are some “healthyish” suggestions for your next rest stop here in the states.

Turkey and cheddar on whole wheat at Starbucks

Bag of nuts and a cheese stick

Natural beef, chicken or turkey jerky (high sodium but a good protein option)

Hummus and pretzel cups and a banana or apple

Hard-boiled egg pack

Kind bars

Yogurt cups

Unsweetened iced tea, water, skim milk cappuccino, low fat chocolate milk

Even better, pack your own road trip snacks. Apples, oranges, bananas, and pears travel well. Put some cheese sticks, Baby Bell cheese rounds, yogurt and water bottles in a cooler.  Add peanut butter, nuts, whole grain bread or crackers and use the rest stop for a bathroom break and chance to stretch your legs.







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