Ham Bone Broth and Bean Soup

With a leftover ham bone (from a ham my husband made on his famous Big Green Egg), I made a delicious broth with carrots, onion, and celery.  Added bay leaves, garlic and thyme.  Bone broth is all the rage but our moms and grandmothers have been making bone broth for soup for decades.  You can make the broth and save it for a later use (even freezing it).  Since I’m home on a rainy Saturday, I had time to cook the soup.  For the beans, I prefer dried beans to canned (less sodium and much better texture) so I simply soaked the beans overnight (I actually remembered to do this last night), drained the water and then added beans to the broth. Cook the soup for about 45 minutes.  Add diced potatoes and green beans and cook another 20-30 minutes.  Finished with some additional seasonings (black pepper and Worcestershire sauce to taste).

Nutrition Note:  Beans are an excellent source of soluble fiber that can lower blood cholesterol levels as well as a type of starch that improves blood sugar.


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