A new kitchen gadget that’s worth the counter space!

My family drinks a lot of sparkling water and I was getting tired of schlepping the bottles home from the store. They’re heavy, they take up precious room in my refrigerator, and they overflow my recycling bin. After much thought about adding another piece of equipment to my kitchen counter and after hearing rave reviews from friends, clients and co-workers, I purchased a sodastream. I have no regrets. It fits in a small footprint on my counter, requires no batteries or electrical cords, uses water from the tap, and the carbonation lasts for several days.

It’s so simple. Fill the SodaStream bottle with water. Insert the bottle into the sodastream and press the top until you get the desired amount of fizz.

Nutrition Note: A nutrition goal should be to make all of your beverages calorie free (with the exception of milk) and ideally, without artificial sweeteners. This little kitchen gadget is an easy and convenient way to switch from regular and diet soda to sparkling water. If they would only change the name to seltzerstream.

Note: I am not affiliated with sodastream and I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.

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  1. Adele Pile says:

    Maybe every Migraineur needs one of these too. They can get really bored drinking plain water. We always cut our juice with soda water so I might just need to make some counter space. Thanks for the great suggestion 🤓


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