Handmade Pasta (no machine necessary)

I’ve never had much of an interest in making pasta. You can find good pasta in most supermarkets and I definitely don’t need a pasta machine taking up valuable kitchen real estate. However, my daughter gave me a cookbook, Pasta by Hand by Jenn Louis, that allows you to make fresh pasta with nothing but your fingers and a few utensils. I was intrigued. Most of the recipes use only flour, salt and water and you can create a collection of shapes that cook in just 3 minutes. My first attempt at making handmade pasta was for my daughter’s birthday dinner party. We made cazzellitti using the back of a knife. They were easy, fast and delicious. The next shape was orecchiette (using my thumb) and then I moved on to gnocchi ricci (using 2 fingers).

Making pasta by hand is relaxing and fun but I would suggest inviting friends and family to help you shape the pasta. Throw a pasta-themed dinner party so everyone can help shape their own pasta.

For complete recipes, check out Pasta by Hand by Jenn Louis.


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