Guacamole Egg Salad on Toast

Here’s a fast, workday, protein-rich breakfast using hard-boiled eggs I made over the weekend.  It’s also a great idea to spend a few minutes on the weekend prepping some veggies so you can use them all week.  This breakfast took me about 3 minutes to assemble. I toasted whole grain bread (I like Ezekial).  While the toast was toasting, I chopped one egg and added 1 tablespoon of guacamole (instead of mayonnaise) and a few drops of hot sauce.  Since I had the veggies already cleaned and chopped, I just had to assemble.  Top the toast with lettuce, then egg salad, sliced radishes, tomatoes and a sprinkle of scallions (you can use whatever veggies you have on hand).


Nutrition Note:  The blend of healthy, unsaturated fat from the guacamole along with protein from the egg and fiber from the whole grain bread makes for a perfectly balanced breakfast that will get you through til lunch.

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  1. Caroline Kline says:

    Thanks for this inspiration Judy. Matt had used up all of the mayonnaise in our house for an April Fools prank and I was bummed yesterday because I had wanted some egg salad or deviled eggs. Didn’t have guacamole so I smashed some fresh avocado on the toast, topped with garlic powder and salt, sliced eggs and baby spinach. Yum!


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