Berry Breakfast Bowl

While visiting my daughter in Santa Monica, I found an assortment of fresh berries at a local farmer’s market. One berry in particular intrigued me. A mulberry. It’s a long, dark purple berry with a very sweet , juicy taste. I used them along with raspberries, blackberries, and some kefir (you could use yogurt) to assemble a quick breakfast soup. For a little extra protein and healthy fat, I would have added chia seeds, sunflower seeds or chopped walnuts but I didn’t have them on hand.image

Mulberries pictured above. They look like a long, thin blackberry.


Nutrition Note: Mulberries are extremely high in plant compounds called flavonoids and phenolic acids which have antioxidant properties. One cup is only 60 calories but provides almost a days worth of vitamin C. Since mulberries are not always available, any berry will boost your antioxidant intake.

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