Prepping By Food Group on the Weekend for Fast Meals During the Week

Eating healthier can be fast, easy and delicious, you just need a little bit of time early in the week to get organized. I find prepping by food group (ingredient) is the easiest way for me to pull together healthy meals during the week. Select the foods you want to prep within each food group:  protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. This week I chose hard boiled eggs and tuna fish for my protein options,  colored peppers, fresh from the garden greens, a mixed tomato, cucumber and onion salad for the veggies and cubed cantaloupe and frozen berries for fruit. I had some Kamut in my pantry so that’s my whole grain.  I plan to mix and match the ingredients at each meal and I store everything in clear glass containers in the fridge so I can see what I made so there’s no food waste at the end of the week.

Here are the steps for my 1 hour  Sunday prep:

  1. Hard boil the eggs (be sure to use the recipe on my blog) I used some for egg salad and saved a few extra eggs for snacking.
  2. While the eggs are cooking, bring water to a boil to cook the Kamut (or any whole grain).
  3. While the Kamut is cooking, Mix together the tuna fish with plain Greek yogurt, a little mayo, mustard and scallions.
  4. Slice the peppers into strips and wash and dry the greens.
  5. Chop and mix together a quick Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumbers,  scallions and a sprinkle of feta.
  6. Using a recycled jar,  shake together olive oil, vinegar and Dijon mustard for a dressing to use with the Kamut and the Greek salad.
  7. For a confetti Kamut salad, add chopped peppers, scallions, and tomatoes to the cooked and cooled Kamut and toss with some dressing.
  8. Cube the cantaloupe.
  9. Place frozen berries in a container and place in the refrigerator.

I can now create fast meals for either lunch or dinner. Top fresh greens with either the tuna or egg salad,  add some Greek tomato, cucumber and onion salad and a side of pepper strips. For a vegetarian salad bowl, I’ll use the confetti Kamut salad on top of greens and I’ll toss in 1/2 cup rinsed canned beans for extra protein. The cantaloupe and hard-boiled eggs will make excellent midday snacks and the defrosted berries (no prep required) will top my breakfast yogurt or oatmeal. It may seem like a lot of prep, but honestly, it took me an hour. You can select the foods you prefer from each food group; grilled chicken breasts or tofu for protein, quinoa or barley for whole grains, and a mix of any of your favorite fruit and vegetables.

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