Beets and Chickpeas with Yogurt

This flavorful side dish or salad is similar to a raita which is a traditional Indian sauce or side. I based this recipe off a traditional raita but because I didn’t have all of the ingredients, I had to make some swaps. I used a thicker Skyr type yogurt, swapped parsley for cilantro and since I did not have chickpeas, I used a small canned white bean. Sometimes cooking is all about using what you have on hand. These flavors work so well together. The subtle sweetness from the beets, tang and creaminess from yogurt, smokiness from cumin, and an earthy, lemony tang from the sumac. Because I used a thicker yogurt, this is more of a side-dish or salad than a sauce. Serve this as a meal your favorite bread and maybe a simple pickled cucumber and red onion salad.

Beets, Chickpeas and Yogurt


1 cup plain yogurt, regular or Greek-style

4 small cooked beets, about 8 ounces

1 14-oz can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon honey

2 tablespoons chopped parsley or cilantro

Sprinkle of sumac (optional) or a few wedges of lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix all ingredients except the sumac, if using, in a medium bowl. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with a sprinkle of sumac or wedge of lemon.

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