A Crunchy Bite

Half of the grains you eat should be whole grain. That’s about three, 1/2 cup or one ounce, servings per day. If you’re looking for a little crunch with your lunch,  a go to favorite is Triscuit crackers.  Only three simple ingredients, whole grain wheat, vegetable oil, and sea salt. Another plus, they are easy to find in any supermarket.  For a cracker to be a whole grain, look for the word “whole” as the first ingredient and whole grains should be the only type of grains listed.  If you see wheat flour, that’s white flour in disguise.


Also, check the fiber level. A one ounce serving of whole grain crackers should have at least 3 grams of dietary fiber. No need to buy the reduced fat version of Triscuit crackers because the fat used to make these crackers is a healthy, unsaturated plant oil. I would buy the “Hint of Salt” variety.  Less sodium is always a good choice and they taste delicious.


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