Fresh Figs…A Gift from the Gods (and my husband)

Fresh figs are hands down my favorite fruit.  They are luscious, sweet, with a nut and honey flavor and a hint of vanilla.


I know I’m a little early with this post because it’s difficult to find fresh figs at farmers markets and in produce aisles in April (the season is typically July and August) but today, I’m a very lucky lady.  I found a handful of ripe figs on our fig trees. Thanks to my farmer husband, who has patiently cultivated and nurtured our backyard fig trees through many harsh winters by moving them into the Mediterranean climate of our greenhouse.  When the fig season comes later this summer, keep a lookout for fresh figs in your market.  By the way, the figs were delicious.  I almost ate all of them but I did save one for my husband.


Nutrition Note:  Figs (both fresh and dried) have more potassium than a banana and are a good source of fiber.  Serve them with a piece of dark chocolate and you have a dessert made in (heart healthy) heaven.

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