Pesto Egg and Veggie Pockets

Using some end of the week vegetables; an onion, a yellow pepper and some mushrooms, leftover whole wheat pita pockets from the chicken souvlaki recipe and eggs, I put together an easy, portable breakfast pocket.


First, saute the veggies in a little olive oil. In a separate pan, scramble the eggs (low heat and slow cooking for creamier eggs) then toast the pita pockets.  To assemble, spread some jarred pesto on the inside of the pockets, fill the pita with the eggs and the sautéed veggies then top with a little hot sauce and more pesto.  If you’re on the run, you can wrap these and take them with you.


Side Note:  You may have noticed that I have quite a few egg posts.  I do love their versatility and nutritional profile but I also happen to have an endless supply.  You see, we have 3 chickens living in our backyard; Billy, Peeps and Nugget.  Early spring through late fall they provide us with 2-3 eggs a day.



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