Mastering Mezze

Mezze refers to a mixture of small dishes, served as either an appetizer or a light meal. This style of eating is very popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries. Mezze staples include dips, vegetables, salads, and bread. I will often assemble ingredients that I already have in the fridge and the pantry so very little cooking is required. My mezze usually consists of pantry staples like beans and tinned fish, vegetables that I already have in the fridge like cucumbers and carrots, fresh herbs, yogurt or labneh (yogurt cheese), whole wheat pita bread, and lemon slices. You can mix and match and swap out any of these items with your favorite combinations. For a satisfying meal, be sure to include a lean protein source (tinned fish, beans), vegetables, whole grain options like pita bread or crackers, and if you eat dairy, yogurt or cheese. There’s no recipe for this post so get creative and have fun building your own Mezze.

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