Tempting You with Tofu


Tofu.  You either love it, hate it or have no interest in trying it.  I’m hoping to move you to the “love it” camp.  My favorite way to eat tofu is to bake it.  You can buy it already baked and packaged (nasoya is a common brand) in various flavors like lemon pepper or sesame ginger but it’s so easy to bake at home.  I use either firm or extra firm tofu (found in the produce section of the supermarket).  After opening the package, drain the tofu and place it on top of several folded paper towels.


Put more paper towels on top of the tofu and press with a weight (a heavy sauce pan will do).  You want to remove as much water as possible so press for about 30 minutes.  Slice the tofu into 1/2 inch rectangles.


Brush both sides with your favorite marinade or sauce (I used some leftover wing sauce from the buffalo chicken tender recipe).  BBQ sauce, Italian salad dressing and stir fry sauce work well.  Place on a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray and bake in a 400 degree oven for about 30-45 minutes.


You want the tofu to become firm and brown around the edges.  Once it’s baked, what do you do with it?  Make a sandwich (which is what I did for this post), cube it, add it to salads, or simply eat it for a protein-rich snack.


Nutrition Note:  A 1/2 inch rectangle of tofu provides about 10 grams of cholesterol-free, low saturated fat, plant protein.

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  1. toozesty says:

    I’m in the “like it but don’t quite know what to do with it” camp. I hope to branch out from just using tofu as a chicken substitute in stir frys!


  2. Sophestry says:

    That looks really nice. It’s annoying that it’s quite hard to find extra firm tofu in a regular shop in the UK, but Im gonna try this recipe at some point 🙂


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