A 3 Minute Salad from the Salad Bar in the Fridge


It’s a busy morning and I’m rushing to get to work.  With salad bar ingredients already prepped in the refrigerator, it took me 3 minutes to assemble a salad (I timed myself).  I added chopped kale mix, garbanzo beans, beets, cucumbers, yellow peppers, hard-boiled egg, a rectangle of baked tofu, a small handful of chopped almonds and few strawberry slices. Grabbed a little bag of Triscuit crackers and a seltzer and I’m out the door.

Nutrition Note:  What type of dressing to use?  My preference is to make my own.  It can be as easy as a splash of olive oil and vinegar or a very simple vinaigrette made with olive oil, lemon juice and Dijon mustard.  Bottled dressings are fine in a pinch but just 2 tablespoons can add a quarter of your day’s worth of sodium.

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